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onlineSalesFunnelOptimizationDo you need more sales and leads? Then you need an online Sales Funnel. Don’t know how to put one together? Then you probably need a “done for you sales funnel.”

Traffic is not the issue.  Traffic is everywhere. The issue is not just conversion either. Getting a customer click and opt-in is paramount, but whether you have a high priced or low priced product or service, you need to maximize or optimize your visiting customer value.

If your product or service is high-end, high dollar, a sales funnel is essential. You can’t just run ads for a product costing $1000 and up and expect visitors to convert on the first visit. Rather you need to offer a compelling content, and then either a “lead magnet,” a free but valuable product, and/or a “trip wire,” a low-cost but valuable product/service that makes your lead into a type of customer.

If you can acquire your customer at zero or negative cost, there’s no end to the number of potential leads you can bring into your sales funnel.

Once you have their contact information, and you’ve pleased them with your “lead magnet” and/or “tripwire” then you can nurture them in a content series and eventually online offers or offline sales calls to close the deal.

After you’ve offered your core product, you can also offer a “profit maximizer.” Extra consulting services for your high end customers that need the extra attention. That’s the essentials of optimizing your customer valuation. If you’re only offering one product or service, you’re leaving money on the table. This means you can’t buy the traffic that your competitors can.

MarketingRise can develop your sales funnel consisting of

  • Landing / Squeeze Pages with
    • “Lead Magnet” Offers
    • “Trip Wire” Offers
    • “Core Offers”
    • “Profit Maximizers”
    • Payment Gateways
    • On site Upsells & Downsells
  • Email Service Integration
  • Followup Email Campaigns Series; email Upsells & Downsells
  • Optional CRM Integration

Hire Our Experts to Build a Funnel Scaled For Your Business and Budget.  Together, We Can Validate your Offers Incrementally and Lower Risk.   Our Customers Save Time, Money and Achieve Success with Less Stress.

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