Market Research & Testing for Startups

So you’ve got a great idea but don’t want to risk too much money developing it before you know if it is a winner?  Smart.

Lean companies, those that need or want to move in the most efficient use of their time and money need to develop and roll out their ideas quickly, testing their target markets to see if there is a real problem, if the solution solves that problem and if they are targeting the right markets.   Your first idea, “iteration A” representing your first hypothesis of problem, solution and market is probably not going to be right.  You need to quickly iterate to find an optimal solution before you run out of time or money.

MarketingRise can help you test your concepts through consulting and these services:

  • Lean Canvas is a miniature business plan representing your target market, your solution, the problem it solves, distribution channels and pricing on a single page.  It’s a way to capture your product hypothesis.  If you’re not familiar with it, we can consult or help you develop your first Lean Canvas.
  • Customer Interviews is the way to see if your customer truly have a problem worth solving, and how your solution can solve that problem. We can provide you enough targeted potential customer to interview.
  • Paid Traffic through Google Adwords, Facebook or LinkedIn is way to reach your target market. We can purchase targeted traffic for you and direct it to a Landing Page
  • Landing Pages are web pages with your initial offer.  We can develop the landing pages for your core offer, or lower cost splinter offers, to see if they’ll convert to your core offer with follow-on emails.
  • Based on performance, we can tell you how well you did on your first iteration, and how scalable the current iteration is.


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