Market Research Services

Take your innovation to the next step!

If you’ve got a “bright idea” for a product or promotion which might be the next big thing, we can provide the market research services to get you the market feed back and validation you need to take the next step.  Whether you are a large company, a start-up, a dining room entrepreneur or a garage inventor, Marketing Rise get you there.  We offer the most affordable marketing research available.  We recommend “test early, test often.”

No matter the type of market research you’re looking for, we can get it done economically for you.

Survey Panels

Once you have a survey designed, hosted and ready to deploy, let us provide your survey panel. We develop our own general panels of engaged, interested survey takers and can pass the savings on to you.  Just let us know your target demographic profile, additional “filters” or “qualifiers” and how many completed surveys you want.  More>>

Survey Design & Hosting

If you need help designing and programming the survey, our market research experts will help you deploy an effective survey in no time.  If you would like to design your own survey yourself, use our web based software and survey templates. It’s free if you use one of our survey panels, and otherwise low-cost.  More>>

Focus Groups and Virtual Focus Groups

We’ve developed a web based virtual focus group that helps us keep your costs low. Traditional focus group hosting in select cities offered as well.  more>>

Usability Testing

We’ve also designed a web-based usability testing that keeps your costs down.  Test early and test often!  more>>

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